Sunday Afternoons

#28 Sunday Afternoons

She could see the finish line from a distance.  It was a purple banner with her name engraved on it surrounded by a group of people cheering, awaiting her arrival.  She seemed happy and eager to get there, however, during her race, she encountered a few people called depression, past errors, fear, anxiety and negativity.  Their goal: stop her from…read more
Sunday Afternoons

#27 Sunday Afternoons

She arrived at the edge of the mountain after a much arduous walk.  She finally could see the other side and the view of the many anticipated blessings.  Her heart began beating fast, her mouth became dry and anxiety was on max level.  After reveling on the view, it was time to cross.  She gasped for air as she realized…read more

Our True Selves

Photo: Carolina Meireles Many of us want to be our "true" selves, but don't want to be by ourselves. Thus, we often compromise stepping into our "true" identities, for the sake of being loved and accepted by those who are also seeking the same thing. However, there are those brave ones who step out of the matrix, but only to…read more