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Eve Gene

Scientifically,the Black woman is the only organism that possesses the mitochondrial DNA that has all variations possible for every different kind of human being on this Earth(The African, The Albino, European, Middle Eastern, etc.) When the DNA of a black woman mutuates; All other types of human beings come about. You can research this topic and its truth. This is…read more

What Do You Really Want?

“You must know what you want, to find what you want.”  ― Lailah Gifty Akita

I’ve been going through what I call somewhat of a “crossroads.” Not really sure what path to take and not really desiring any of the paths being presented.  Have you ever found yourself there?  I keep asking myself if I am going through some sort of fucking mid-life crisis, that, at this age, I am not suppose to be asking these questions.  While the world seems to be moving forward what deems normal: marriage, kids, picket fences, etc, etc, I sit here and wonder if these paths were also meant for me.  I search for the answers and find nothing. Perhaps, I am at the wrong “crossroads”????

How do we find what we really want or get on the right crossroad? read more