11:59pm, Sunday, May 20th - longing to get at least one thing done, but the body is asking to lay down.  After all, in about less then 60 seconds, we all get a chance to start again.  Yesterday is gone and another 24 hours awaits. What will you create? What will you discover? Reset!read more
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What a Delight

She parked her car and took a deep breath: finally home after a long day at work!  She had an amazing day, thanks to the Grace and Favor of God, clients today seemed a bit more at ease and knew what they wanted.  She shut the car door and stopped at the mailbox to get the mail.  A large white…read more

Our True Selves

Photo: Carolina Meireles Many of us want to be our "true" selves, but don't want to be by ourselves. Thus, we often compromise stepping into our "true" identities, for the sake of being loved and accepted by those who are also seeking the same thing. However, there are those brave ones who step out of the matrix, but only to…read more