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Brazil’s Black Consciousness Day

Today, November 20th,  Brazil celebrates Dia da Consciencia Negra (Black Consciousness Day)

The day  symbolizes the resistance of Africans against slavery during the colonial period.  During that time,there were quilombos and other forms of resistance which, as a whole, destabilized the market economy and led to the abolition of slavery. This is the true sense of the abolitionist struggle, whose protagonists were the blacks themselves.  However, the Eurocentric view of the truth about abolition, made the allies the heroes of this story.Abdias Nascimento

A few cities in Brazil celebrated the day with several forms of activities, from Afro-Brazilian dance shows, and read more



I entered the room and could not help but to become intoxicated by the crisp, strong and smooth aroma of the brew.  The smell was so desirable, but more so was what accompanied it: some sort of sweet delicacy that I was about to indulge. It was hora do cafézinho (small little coffee hour) or Café/Lunche da Tarde (Afternoon coffee or “lunch”).  A common Brazilian tradition done between the hours of lunch and dinner.

~Memories of Carioca Girl read more