#34 Sunday Afternoons

“I want to help you to grow as beautiful as God meant you to be when He thought of you first.” ― George MacDonald

He stood tall, regal and dark like the color of chocolate.  He sat down in a chair looking at the quiet horizon. He took  a sip of his drink and puffed on his cigar.  His mind seemed to be in places she wouldn’t dare to ask, it was his safe space, his freedom.  She couldn’t help but wonder what could be his pains, fears, joys, needs, wants and loves.  All she knew is that she wanted to love him, protect him and make sure that her existence could help him become the best man he could ever be.  Welcome to Sunday Afternoons.

  1. Grateful – that the Most High God sees us beyond of what we see in ourselves.  He sees his perfect creation that he loves.  And for those who believes and receives his Son Jesus, as his beloved children.  For that I am grateful.
  2. Waste of time – living tomorrow.
  3. Something new – Dentist are now using stem cells for cavity fill ins
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