What a Delight

“Thank you” ― Greatest way to appreciate a gift

She parked her car and took a deep breath: finally home after a long day at work!  She had an amazing day, thanks to the Grace and Favor of God, clients today seemed a bit more at ease and knew what they wanted.  She shut the car door and stopped at the mailbox to get the mail.  A large white envelope was stuck inside and her eyes grew wide as she wondered what it could be.  She didn’t order anything in the past few days, so she had no clue of what was inside.  She grabbed all the mail, closed the box and walked towards her apartment.

As she settled inside her home office, she tore the envelope open and was so excited to receive Pastor Joseph Prince’s  Live The Let Go Life series calendar.  She had not purchased a paper calendar in centuries and this was such a pleasant surprise.

Thank you Pastor Prince. 

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