To The Women Who Needed My Daddy

Photo: Mirian Silva

“And what could my father possibly want with another child, when he hardly bothered to talk to the one he already had?” ― Polly Shulman

To the women who needed my daddy

I feel your pain

I know it is your birthday today and it would mean a lot if he was there.

So I understand.

Maybe he will be in mine next year.


To the women who wanted my daddy

I totally get you.

I also wanted him near

I see how he holds you, hugs on you, kisses your cheeks

I know how it makes you feel, secure.

But no worries, maybe I will feel secure next year.


To the women who shacked up with my daddy

Yeah, must be nice to see him everyday

I see him too when I create stories in mind and he is there as my hero

But hey, maybe  I will see him everyday next year.


To the women who cried over my daddy

Girl, I know them tears

For I’ve cried them for the last 44 years.

For just like yours, my daddy was not there either.







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  1. Candice says:

    WOW… thank you

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