#17 Sunday Afternoons

“Unreturned love is like trying to make a sandwich with one slice of bread. Don’t stress—fold it in half and love yourself.” ― Jarod Kintz,

She woke up with the sound of her cell phone vibrating notifying that she had unread messages.  It was already 6:00am and she did not even remember falling asleep.  After a long sigh, she finally began reading her messages: It was Valentine’s Day.  She recalled how much that date had meant to her in the many years past. The pressure it was during the high school years when the most popular girl got all the damn candy grams from the whole freaking school and not even your mama remembered you. The years! LOL

She got up, took a shower, went to work and decided to take herself out to lunch that afternoon.  As she drifted into her thoughts during the car ride, she began to analyze why is it that, to some, Valentine’s Day is such a dreaded day for single people.  It made her question the type of relationship that people have with themselves, if any! Welcome to Sunday Afternoons.

  1. Grateful – I can’t say that I have the best relationship with myself, but I am working on it.  Sometimes we have to remove ourselves out of ourselves and begin to get know who that person is.  I mean that in a literal sense. Say hello to yourself, ask yourself how you are doing, how are you feeling.  What are your thoughts, what is pissing your off, put a chair next you, tell yourself to have a seat and begin a serious conversation.  You are going to look crazy like a muther-tucker, but you get the point As you begin to get to know you, ask yourself this question: Do you like you?  What do you love about you?  Would you spend the rest of your life with you? If you answered no and you are not sure, then take sometime to get know you and begin to fall in love with who are.  Trust me, the world will love you too.  And for that I am grateful.
  2. Waste of time – Trying to push a ball through a square hole.
  3. Something new – I have six toes on my left foot (just kidding)

Have a great week!

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