#16 Sunday Afterevenings

“Wine and women make wise men dote and forsake God’s law and do wrong.” -Anonymous

She finished her food, took a sip of her wine and continued chatting about life and other things with one her friends.  At some point, she totally tuned her out and drifted into her thoughts…

She could feel his hands touch her, moving up her thighs…she leaned against the wall as he caressed her breasts, kissed her neck and pushed himself against her body.  She felt his nature rise and it made her excited and wet…he kissed her, she dropped to her knees…unzip….

Welcome to Sunday Afterevenings (AKA Sunday Afternoons).

  1. Grateful – for my sexual freedom.  God made us sexual beings, period. Ladies, enjoy your sexuality. Explore it, discover what you like, what makes you feel good.  Love your body, feel on it, taste it (yep you heard right)…be free.
  2. Waste of time – Drama. Nuff said!
  3. Something new – Had my first hair blow out after a whole year.

Have a great week!

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