My DIY Bed Nightstands

I am realizing, as I get older,  that I am becoming more and more of a hipster, and I LOVE IT.  Coming from a fancy-sort-of-background, this lifestyle is def connecting to my creative soul.  I recently moved and, slowly, I am recreating my sanctuary.  My theme is comfort, funkiness, repurpose and as creative as possible.

I spent most of my weekend putting together my bedroom.  Since I have a low bed, trying to find nightstands is almost near impossible.  So I decided to make my own out of wooden crates. Here are the products I used:

  1. Two wooden crates – You can find these at Home Depot or Walmart.  They run about $10 to $11 bucks each.
  2. Spray paint – I chose Rust-Oleum black spray paint, but whatever color you choose should be fun.
  3. Backsplash kitchen tiles – these are super funky.  They come in all kinds of colors and styles.  Just follow your motif.  Price range $7.00 -$20.00 each.
  4. LOCTITE Premium adhesive – This apparently the best glue, according to the folks at Home Depot. It costs $3.98


Do you have any DIY projects?   Please share below.



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