How I keep my curls

When I did the big chop about a year ago, I was both excited and nervous.  I was looking forward to finally seeing my natural hair, but at the same time, was not sure how much time I would have to spend, on a daily basis, to keep it up.

While it was still short, it was pretty easy:  wash, add a bit of gel and boom.  But as it began to grow, I started to twist it and soon realized that I could not do this everyday.  After many trials and errors, I finally found 3 products that allows me just to wash and go.


  1. Curls Unleashed Shine and Define Mousse – This is my all time favorite.  I pray that this never leaves the market.  I love this product because it defines your curls according to how you want it. You can have loose or tight curls.  It also takes whatever shape you give your hair.  I had a mohawk once without having  to shave the sides. Simply love it!
  2. Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll – Besides the amazing scent, it keeps your curls tight for the best part of the day.  I use it on my day to day since it is not hard to find. Oh, and it keeps the curls super soft. I also use it when I want to twist my hair and give it a different look.
  3. Silk Elements Foam Styling Lotion – I use this when I want my hair with lots of volume and super loose. This is great for a few hours, so I use it when I have to run a few errands.

I love my curls!


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