I entered the room and could not help but to become intoxicated by the crisp, strong and smooth aroma of the brew.  The smell was so desirable, but more so was what accompanied it: some sort of sweet delicacy that I was about to indulge. It was hora do cafézinho (small little coffee hour) or Café/Lunche da Tarde (Afternoon coffee or “lunch”).  A common Brazilian tradition done between the hours of lunch and dinner.

~Memories of Carioca Girl

As a kid growing up in Brazil it was my favorite time of day, because my aunt would always bake a cake and drizzle some orange sugar glaze on top. I love cakes! However, what people often have varies: some have cakes other have sandwiches or bread, and some have all of the above.  But the coffee must be present!

In the US, my hips, thighs, and belly cannot afford to this on daily basis, but every now and then I will treat myself…




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