#1 – Sunday Afternoons

Photo: Mirian Silva Photography

The clock marked 10:05am and the last recollection I had of looking at it was 5:06am —another 5 hour of sleep night. *Sigh*.  I contemplated getting up, but my body was still sore from a flu.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I had some type of out body experience going either to a past life or perhaps some future one…either way, I opened my eyes and the clock now marked 14:25 (Brazilians follow military time).  It was time for another Sunday Afternoons

I got up with my mind racing with ideas. I recently received a couple of sad news within 2 weeks time of two women that committed suicide due to depression.  I was really affected by it and somehow I wanted to do something.  We’ve all had our fare share of problems that can really take a toll of us.  Coming from of family of unaddressed mental health issues, I know first hand, that if left untreated, not only puts a toll on those around you, but it can also cost you your own life. So I had the idea of putting together a short film to bring awareness to the issue. (click here to watch the movie).

1. Grateful – “The great thing about creativity, is it’s endless possibilities” –  I am a creative being. I am co – creator with the Creator and it took me a long time to completely accept that.  Even in the midst of challenges, I still have the ability to imagine and create something special.  And for that I am grateful.

2. Waste of time – Trying to help someone who is not ready to change.

3. Something new – I learned that the truth of  (God, Creator, Universe)  is waiting for you but you must have the courage to think for yourself and see the wisdom of  GCU as an essence within you and not an external person. You are the person you have been looking for, the lover and the teacher.

Happy Sunday!

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